Thursday, April 7, 2011

We need someone to cover this illness who can filter out the shit

CFS Patient Advocate:

Is it possible that a journalist can shed some clear light on this illness? I am not sure. No one seems to have the will, heart or the brains to do this.

This is a story with only one side. Or put it this way, the other side of the story – the shit side – has been told so often that it has to be left out. Please, spare us; no more phony advertising. Continuing the reporting of “both sides” of this story is to participate in untruths. This deception has been in the air we breathe for 25 years. What we need is a writer who has a good air filter – preferably a Hepa brand. We need someone who can filter out the shit.

It is said that journalist have their own mind and their own ideas. While this is a questionable notion, they do have their own agenda. We still have to ask ourselves, ... Read more>>

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