Friday, April 29, 2011

We should listen to the PACE trial delusionists and take a leaf out of their book

I asked 001/7 about this picture with the cab, and he said, look, mister that is what is wrong with the ME community.

For once, only once, should you listen to the delusionists and take a leaf out of their book.

You see, they are very good at selling HOT STEAM FRIED BAKED AIR but at the same time call their opponents all sorts of names.

So what they do is simple. They go on the attack, put you on the defence and at the same time launch an amazing PR campaign.

Even a US presidential candidate doesn’t spend that much time, money and effort on such a campaign.

Worse, it is even paid for by the general public as all these DELUSIONISTS are actually paid for by the government, so that is you and ME.

So, the solution is very simple indeed. Read more>>

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