Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Dr Swan will interview a psychiatrist for relevant diagnosis and treatment on prostate cancer

Bernie :
26 Apr 2011 6:21:13pm

Dr Norman Swan shows the same bias he has always maintained over several years of reporting on ME/CFS, both on radio and TV. Therefore it is unlikely we will see a differing point of view ie a medical one, aired on his program.

I suggest that the next time Dr Swan reports on prostate cancer he interviews a psychiatrist for relevant diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

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nmj said...

Since this was the first time I had come across Dr Swan I had no idea of his views on ME. He has a nice voice and his Scottish accent made want to trust him - this is just one of those 'silly' human things - familiarity can be reassuring. However, it is becoming clearer and clearer that this radio interview was really just 'THE PACE STAGE SHOW': a celebration of GET and CBT. Shame on all of them.


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