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Anne Kathrine (47) put the cancer doctors on the trail of ME treatment

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Professor Olav Mella and Dr. Øystein Fluge the cancer ward at Haukeland hospital has almost stumbled upon what may be one of the biggest breakthroughs in ME research.

Ever a surprise for both us and the patient was ME symptoms disappear after six to eight weeks after treatment.

One patient with lymphoma had been diagnosed with ME. To combat the cancer patient was partly given antibody Rituximab. After a period of treatment the patient was suddenly dramatically improve the ME symptoms.

Anne Kathrine Olsen Karlsen (47) from Haugesund get a great deal of credit for what is now giving hope to millions of ME patients worldwide.

In 2003, Anne Kathrine diagnosed with ME. At present there is no cure for this disease. Three years later, in 2006, she had lymphoma. This turned out to give her life back.

- Mom, you are sick?
- I sat in the living room and sewing doll clothes when my son came home from school one day. When I was up and running. He looked at me and asked me "Mom, are you sick?"

The son had not seen his mother up on very many years.

BACKGROUND: Norwegian breakthrough could solve the riddle ME

Surprisingly effective
When she started treatment for lymphoma, there was something strange with Anne Kathrine.

- Preferably a surprise for us and the patient began the symptoms of ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and be gone. A six or seven weeks into the chemotherapy treatment, she began to recover from fatigue. Audio and photosensitivity, pain, all symptoms began to recover. It was what gave the spark that we began to ponder what had really happened to the patient, says professor and consultant on cancer ward at Haukeland Hospital, Olav Mella, to TV 2

Professor Mella and Dr. Øystein Fluge decided to investigate whether there was such that a cancer medicine could actually help the ME.

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