Monday, October 3, 2011

A big thank you to Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dear Dr. Mikovits,

 I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all you've done in the last year or two for people with ME and CFS.

You have almost single-handedly, for the first time since Elaine DeFreitas in the early 90s, managed to give people with this severely disabling infectious disease a lot of hope that finally someone is trying to find the virus/viruses that are causing these diseases, and trying to get us proper treatment that has been missing for decades thanks to the concerted efforts of the CDC and the CBT psychiatrists.

 The last two years or so have also shown that you have almost single-handedly managed to cause major Panic Attacks in CBT Extremists, a.k.a. PACE trial syndrome in so-called doctors who are more interested in money and power and vested interest, then in helping severely disabled patients get proper treatment.

They even go as far as using graded exercise, which is torture treatment for patients with ME and CFS, and thousands of us have had major relapses and become Bedbound and completely dependent on others, including myself and many other severely affected ME patients, thanks to these psychiatrists and their so-called treatments.

That the GMC and other medical licensing authorities are not doing anything about torturing patients tells you a lot about the power of the CDC and the CBT psychiatrists.

 You have also played a major part in the fact that more doctors are starting to realise that ME and CFS are severely disabling infectious diseases, and that the CDC and the CBT psychiatrists have been lying their socks off to the detriment of millions of very disabled patients.

 The other thing which has become very clear over the last two years or so, is that so-called ME charities like Action for ME, Dr. Shepherd's ME Association and McCleary's American "ME Association", are ruled by the CDC and the CBT psychiatrists and that these so-called charities are not interested at all in getting severely disabled patients proper treatment.

 So on behalf of everybody who is Bedbound with severe ME, who is desperate to get proper treatment to get their lives back, thank you again and please continue your fight to find the virus/viruses that are causing these disabling diseases.

 Dr. Speedy


Leonie GH said...

Thanks Dr Speedy, for saying what so many of us are feeling & Thank You Dr Mikovits for all you have done & continue to do to help all those with neuroimmune illnesses

Anonymous said...

Well said Speedy, totally agree, thanks so much Dr Judy, God bless.

nah said...

I have suffered from ME for 17 years and have witnessed many ups and downs in the history of this illness. I believed the WPI had made the big breakthrough which would change everything. I had hopes of us being treated like other illness groups rather than with mistrust, contempt or disbelief. Also it seemed that drug treatments were within sight.

I now no longer have faith in the WPI due to all the subsequent studies (especially the Blood Working Group!) and i'm fed up of hearing excuses from Mikovits.

I'm annoyed by the overconfidence they had in themselves publicly, which in addition to the WPI being created by the parents of an ME sufferer, have led me to be less critical of them than i should have.

I don't think the WPI has had any positive impact or influence to our illness and even the increased awareness has been tainted by the vocal anti-science lunatic fringe who now provide ammunition to the Wessley-ite school of thought.

Charles said...

Splendid letter, and thank you for writing it on behalf of all of us with severe ME.

nah said...

just afer posting a comment here i read the new x-rx blog by dr j d-j. it makes your post even more difficult to understand. i think we have been badly let down by these people and doubt that thanks are really what they deserve.

many of us have been misled by the wpi and have put our reputations at stake defending them (in my case to friends and relatives and in your case very publicly). i feel pretty foolish for wanting to believe in them even against the evidence that mounted up. but this mistake was an understandable one to make after everything that had been thrown our way.

good luck in trying to accept the latest sh*t sandwich we've been handed and i hope you don't continue believing in this like the autism/anti-vax crowd have kept faith in wakefield. (incidentely the 1st doubt crept into my mind when mikovits spoke at an autism conference which wakefield also spoke at)

Me, myself and ME said...

Thank you Dr.Judy for helping us all keep the faith. The hope you have given us is much appreciated.
As for Dr.Wakefield, yes I believe your both on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Thanks doctor speedy. It needed saying : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an interesting page, and many thanks to Dr. Judy for all of her work on our behalf; she has radically changed the outlook for us, whatever the ultimate role XMRV/MLVs are found to play in our disease. You will always remain one of our chief heroes/heroines! Thank you, thank you. Chris H.

angelduty said...

thank u dr speedy for posting this.
DR JUDY "U ROCK" !!!!!
Girl, "WE" got u'r back !!
just let "US" know what you need.
"WE" Love u ((((0)))) xxx GOD BLESSES YOU

Anonymous said...

if anyone would like to post well wishes and messages of support for Judy we have set up a supporters of Dr Judy Mikovits facebook page . Thankyou


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