Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Horribly ill patients abused by their doctors and governments

Jamie Deckoff-Jones MD :

Judy Mikovits heard the pain of the patients. Too much for her own good. She took all the desperate mail and was terribly affected by it. She visited horribly ill patients in the UK and Norway, who are being abused by their doctors and governments.

Patients lying in dark rooms with ear protection and feeding tubes, for years; too weak to roll over, begging to be let out of their bodies. I kid you not.

I got involved with the WPI because Judy was answering all this mail, from people who were writing to me also, and she was really bad at it, while it was a reflex for me. Judy Mikovits is a gifted scientist, with human frailties. She was working in an impossibly toxic environment with no help and the entire old boys network coming down on her. She did lots of things wrong from a PR point of view. What she did or didn't do right scientifically will all come out in the wash. It is the finding the novel pathogen, or more likely pathogens, the theory that matters now and that must be investigated. Even though you prefer deductive reasoning, genius requires induction. There is an enormous opportunity here for you, both as a scientist and as a humanitarian. It is possible to be both.

I have brainstormed with Frank Ruscetti. He thinks it's real. Sandy Ruscetti thinks it's real and she understands the murine retrovirology better than almost anyone.

I had dinner with Ian Lipkin. He said "it smells viral". He was clearly very interested. It isn't one of the known pathogens... Read more>>

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