Saturday, October 8, 2011

Message from Dr. Judy Mikovits

Wildaisy said...
Dr. Judy Mikovits asked me to post this for her:

Dr. Judy Mikovits thanks patients and friends for their support. She intends to continue her research and she will not give up. She will never participate in perpetrating fraud on patients or funding organizations.

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Wildaisy said...

Thank you for posting this, Dr. Speedy. I hope everyone knows that Dr. Mikovits is still here and she has not given up!

Patricia Carter

Anonymous said...

It would help if other scientists are able to reproduce her work. At some point one begins to wonder if the problem is incompetence or worse on the part of Dr Mikovits. I don't buy the it's all an evil conspiracy arguments or that all the other labs are mistaken.

wingfingers said...

Yes, it would help IF other scientists were able to reproduce her work. It would help even more IF other scientists would even attempt to reproduce her work properly. So far NONE has. Judy followed the "gold standard" of basic virology to find this XMRV, by culturing it. A quick PCR simply won't work. We know that culturing requires time, about six weeks but that is the present state of the art. The other problem is that only 15 samples were looked at. These samples could easily have been degraded by simply thawing & refreezing, a process which loses a couple of logs immediately, and could have been incidental, or deliberate. So many pitfalls to this quick study.


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