Sunday, October 23, 2011

Norway's Directorate of Health Apologises for BAD Treatment of ME Patients

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The Norwegian Directorate of Health has apologised for the way in which ME patients in Norway have been treated. This follows the publication of the ground-breaking research from Haukeland University in Bergen (click here).
After the publication of the Rituximab study by Fluge et al (2011) and extensive media coverage since then the Norwegian Directorate of Health gave a short statement on TV2 channel, see TV2 Nettavisen (click here). 

A statement from the Norwegian Directorate of Health has been received where  they apologise for not having provided the necessary and proper health services to persons with ME.
Such a public apology from a governmental health agency has never occurred before.
Bjørn Guldvog, Deputy Director General of theNorwegian Directorate of Health made the following statement

"Jeg tror at vi, i for liten grad, har klart å møte menneskene som har kronisk utmattelsessyndrom på en god nok måte. Jeg tror at det er riktig å si at vi ikke har utviklet en god nok helsetjeneste for disse, og det beklager jeg."

"I think that we have not cared for people with ME to a great enough extent. I think it is correct to say that we have not established proper health care services for these people, and I regret that."
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this splendid news
Hope it leads to the answer to why the immune system is abnormal in ME. This is consistent with the repeated findings of infectious agents, epidemics, transfer to monkeys, etc. My bad treatment of graduated exercise therapy made me permanently and significantly worse. I welcome the publicity for this study and Norway's brave and responsible public health dept response. I hope the USA and UK will find it politically impossible to maintain their denial of ME as an organic disease any longer. If we arm our lawyers with this, we can force a change.


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