Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Now what has this got to do with ME ??? Not a lot, or has it??? James May is one of those presentors that have a sway and a way with words, not so much with cars, that you have to laugh and for a moment you forget that you can't walk etc.

You forget all the NICE-ness from others and as I just found out it is his birthday It was a NICE excuse of putting his picture in my BLOG and say happy birthday to one of my BBC therapists.

He has developed a new and revolutionary ME therapy for petrol heads, available over the counter and recommended by The NICE Guidelines for ME.

The NICE Guidelines Blog that is, not the GOBSART kids that live in or near the Thames. So happy birthday Mr May.

Oh, and do not cut your hair, I kind of like it this way ....

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Anonymous said...

You write very well.


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