Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr Dusty Miller: Why XMRV is NOT contamination

Dr. Mikovits on XMRV: The Sweden Talk

by Cort:

Dr. Mikovits provided some basics; whatever XMRV is doing that is bad is probably going to be caused by one part of it - the env gene that has been shown to cause neurological problems and cancers in mice.

She noted, that, yes, XMRV is very similar to endogenous retroviruses (ie retroviruses embedded in mouse DNA) but it is nonetheless different something that retrovirologist Dusty Miller recently pointed out when he talked about the Hue Retrovirology paper:

The main problem with Hue et al. is they propose that XMRV is a mouse virus, but I have looked at all of the mouse sequencing data available, and can find no copy of XMRV in the genome of any mouse sequenced to date.

That includes the 129x1 strain mentioned in their paper. Sure one can find snippets of DNA that look similar to regions of XMRV, but nothing very extensive. Read more>>

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TMHJR said...

HI Dr. Speedy, check out the excellent comments by the brilliant Professor malcolm Hooper.

Once again, he nails the truth!

all the best. TMH


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