Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More than 70 percent of U.K. patients are XMRV positive

Blood Products Advisory Committee, Dec 14 2010:

Dr. Mikovits:
In summary, then:
We could detect gag in the RNA in the plasma in 58 percent of the 50 patients.
We could transmit 78 percent of the patient samples to the LNCaP cells.
We see antibody reactivity in 68 percent of those 50 patients.
We could sequence the envelope products, showing that the predominant HMRV in this U.K. cohort is indeed XMRV.

We conclude that multiple methods are necessary to detect evidence of XMRV infection.

In this case, in a very well-defined cohort, similar to the positive studies, we could detect it in greater than 70 percent. Read more>>

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