Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rest in peace Theda (Myint)

Wendy said: "So very tragic because Theda's life could have been much different if Drs would shut down the psycho babble and acknowledge this disease as the debilitating physical torture that it is."


Joanne said...

So terribly sad to hear of Theda's death especially as she had at last found one of the causes of her long illness - Lyme Disease. In April she posted this 'PLEASE WATCH THIS!!! Chronic untreatable pain & severe disability led me to attempt suicide in 2011. Fortunately I did survive because soon afterwards the chronic infection of Lyme ( one of many stealth pathogens) was identified as the cause of my terrible symptoms. Most doctors had given up on my case and what to investigate to get me better. Suddenly I had HOPE again and I have significantly improved since then with proper treatment. Although still bed bound, I believe that I will get even better in the future. I know the people in this video and they are beautiful brave souls who deserve greater recognition and support from the medical community. Please share video this to create greater community awareness of our suffering and force the government to recognize the true causes that often lie behind chronic debilitating pain. Thank you. Xx Theda' How many more must suffer so before our doctors open their minds to the science that is emerging on Lyme Disease and other stealth pathogens.

Dr Speedy said...

Thx Joanne


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