Monday, February 16, 2015

The denial of this illness by doctors means that patients are suffering slow, horrific deaths

By Kristy Muir, 13th February 2015 :

  "The 37-year-old Bribie Island woman is in the fight of her life against a debilitating disease and consequential infections.

  In February 2013 Amara was diagnosed with Lyme disease (borrelia), bartonella, babesia and multiple other infections.

  Prior to that she suffered chronic fatigue syndrome, diagnosed when she was 23. Amara's condition means she suffers severe seizures daily, as well as photophobia (sensitivity to light), severe cramps and muscle spasms."


  ""Amara is desperately unwell with late (stage) neurological Lyme disease," Ms Collingwood said.

  "What makes her illness different is that the medical profession do not recognise Lyme disease in Australia, despite the fact that thousands of Australians have tested positive to Lyme (via testing facilities in overseas labs) and the numbers are only continuing to increase.

  "The denial of this illness in Australia by the health fraternity means that there is very little to no treatment available here.

  "People are suffering slow, horrific deaths and it is completely unnecessary.""

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