Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The real reason why Prof Edward Shorter is ridiculing and attacking severely ill patients

So why did professor Edward Shorter write his 2 very aggressive / hostile / vile articles in psychologytoday, attacking patients who are severely ill?

  Even though he is a psychiatrist and a medical historian, he shows a total lack of knowledge about basic facts about this disease and totally ignores all clinical evidence etc that what he says is total rubbish / nonsense.

  The answer to the question can be found in one of his tweets, ie his new book is out on the 7th of march.

  @DrEdwardShorter: "amazon.com/What-Psychiatr… The pub date for this is Mar 7 but Amazon up now. Theme: what should have been in but wasn't and shouldn't but was."

  So all he cares about is selling books, earning money and getting his name in the paper, that he has to ridicule and attack severe ill patients to do so, is obviously no problem to him or to psychologytoday.

  And that's the sad state of affairs of psychiatry and psychology in 2015.

  See also Prof Edward Shorter and the psychic epidemic of ignoring clinical evidence



Mary Schweitzer said...

Ed Shorter has a Ph.D. in history from Harvard. He has no degree in medicine. He is on the faculty of the med school at Toronto because he teaches history of medicine (heaven help his students!) but it is not a tenure track appointment because he does not have the qualifications.

But it does speak volumes about the psych and medical professional community that they could allow this man, with no medical degree and very strong, mean-spirited ideas, to teach.

Susan Atkins said...

I am absolutely astounded to read what you've said Mary. Are there no professional standards in place to protect patients?


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