Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Danish study finds patients with ME/CFS have the lowest health-related quality of life of 21 conditions looked at

  Published July 6, 2015 @ plosone:

  * Conclusion
The study provides the first Danish EQ-5D-3L preference scores for ME/CFS patients as well as the newest EQ-5D-3L estimates for use internationally in health economics, health-care planning and research. It is found that ME/CFS in this study has a major impact on the patients’ HRQoL. In conclusion, the EQ-5D-3L-based HRQoL of ME/CFS is significantly lower than the population mean.

  In fact, the ME/CFS HRQoL in this study was the lowest of all the compared conditions in both the unadjusted analysis and in the adjusted regression analysis.

  My conclusion: so basically this study confirms that CBT and GET are at best totally useless and that it's more than time that we get proper medication / treatment which is what patients have been saying for decades.



Hope said...

Another, sad waste of resources. This study is of patients with CFS.
CFS by definition, 6 months fatigue, no demonstrated, testable signs, excludes ME.
ME is an acute onset ice disease with many clear diagnostic signs.
Ramsey and Peter Behan and many other honest doctors published articles on ME, until the CFS fraud was started after the Lake Tahoe epidemic.
The fraudulent conflating of these two distinct diagnoses helps no patient.

Hope said...

errata: ice disease ought to read disease. sorry..


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