Thursday, July 23, 2015

Research shows graded exercise therapy causes exercise intolerance and makes things worse in ME/CFS

@ PubMed:

  Dyn Med. 2005 Oct 28;4:10. Time course of exercise induced alterations in daily activity in chronic fatigue syndrome. Black CD1, McCully KK.

  Author information  * 1Department of Kinesiology, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA.

In a previous study we demonstrated that while people with CFS had lower daily activity levels than control subjects, they were able to increase daily activity via a daily walking program.

  We reanalyzed our data to determine the time course of activity changes during the walking program. Daily activity assessed via an accelometer worn at the hip was divided into sleep, active, and walking periods. Over the first 4-10 days of walking the subjects with CFS were able to reach the prescribed activity goals each day. After this time, walking and total activity counts decreased.

  Sedentary controls subjects were able to maintain their daily walking and total activity goals throughout the 4 weeks.

  Unlike our previous interpretation of the data, we feel this new analysis suggests that CFS patients may develop exercise intolerance as demonstrated by reduced total activity after 4-10 days.

  The inability to sustain target activity levels, associated with pronounced worsening of symptomology, suggests the subjects with CFS had reached their activity limit.

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