Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Damning criticism of the flawed #PACEtrial by psychologist Prof Brian Hughes

Damning criticism of the flawed #PACEtrial in a new book by Prof Brian Hughes on the “rampant methodological crisis” in psychology.

 'Rampant methodological crisis' - describes how psychologists invent their own study methods, change them part way if the data don't fit their preconceptions, misuse stats etc.

 “The controversies surrounding the PACE trial can be seen as emblematic of the real-world problems caused by psychology’s many crises.”

 From p. 140: That the PACE Trial continues to be so doggedly defended, despite a litany of damaging critiques, shows us how psychologists can retain an unswerving allegiance to their own ideas.

 You can read here part of the pages dedicated to the PACE trial (from p132 to 140, p 138 is missing).

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