Thursday, October 13, 2011

It has been known for 2 years that AZA was used in Lombardi et al. !!

Thx to S.M.: Dan Petersons's slides from the Oct 29 CFSAC 2009 (.pptx).

John Coffin was in the audience and spoke after. So it has been known that AZA was used in Lombardi et al.

"10/33 Protein expression in Decitibine (5Aza2DC) treated PBMC" XMRV Association with CFS - Part 4

 XMRV Association with CFS |

 XMRV Association with CFS so not only known, but posted on a public access government website for the last 2 years !!

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Anonymous said...

These slides don't show that 5-Aza was used in Lombardi et al. They just show that the group had used 5-Aza by the time of Petersons talk in October 2009.
Where is the link to the Lombardi et al Science paper data?

RRM said...

Anonymous above is correct. Not ony does this slide not help Mikovits/Ruscetti, it actually is damaging in light of their recent statements.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the slide specifically states that those procedures were used 'since the submission to Science' as do other slides on the subject- (last slide).

Not only where they said to be used 'since the submission to Science', they were actually said to be done on the 33 patients who were PCR negative in the Science study, which is why the WPI was saying in newspapers and in presentations things like "What we did, after the paper was published, we went back and we looked with all four assays for evidence of XMRV in those PCR negatives. Because now we know that indeed those negative samples may have evidence of infection, and what we found was that 19 of the 33 had antibodies in the plasma. We found transmissible virus in the plasma of 33 of those people, and then we looked at that latent virus because the company I used to work at here in Santa Barbara was called Epigenics, and it was developing methylation-inhibitors for epigenetic silencing, and that’s what happens to viruses. So we used Decitabine (5-AZA), which is a demethylating agent that opens up the genome and turns on the virus and found that there was latent virus in 10 of those people. And when we summed it all up and tabled it out, 99 of the 101 patients in the Science paper had evidence of XMRV infection."

Anonymous said...

Link to above quote-

Anonymous said...

The slide is applying the same 3 assays from Lombardi et al. to the PCR negative patients in the paper.

The assays are the same.

John Coffin as the reviewer of Lombardi et al. has always been aware that AZA was used. The paper was approved without that detail, as the editors and reviewer felt it was not needed.

You cannot argue against that.

Anonymous said...

"we went back and we looked with all four assays "

That is the give away.

We went back to the PCR negatives and used the same 4 assays from Lombardi et al.

Science already knew AZA was used because Coffin the reviewer did. They wanted the paper the way it was published.


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