Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT for dummies lesson ONE...

Today we will start with our latest learning module about CBT. And what better way to start than with a very simple and basic test to GET the young up and coming CBT fanatics into a NICE rhythm.

It won’t take long, and you will see, even professor CBT will need lesson ONE to GET something right.

The question is very simple, I will show you a short video and you as new born CBT fanaticos have to answer a simple question. No it is not about ME, as CBT people don’t know anything about that disease anyway.

As you might remember, knowledge slows the process down for them and their GOBSART friends. And in the case of CBT for ME that is porky telling money grabbing business.

And the longer it takes, the less money they earn for even beating the Clarkman when he uses the principles of CBT and entertains us by telling that a BMW M3 is using less fuel than a Toyota Prius, that is a car with a tiny, normal engine and an additional electric one with almost no horse power at all, and that car is running on diluted water or something …..

Anyway, well worth watching this short episode of TOP GEAR with Captain Slow, my hair is now slong I can sit on it, aka James May and the I will never drive a fast car and crash again Hammond little stylish fellow.

So here is just that video as an appetiser so to speak before we GET down to some serious business:

Now, when the following video starts, you will see a big fat Aussie V8 coming around the corner, but it looses a wheel.

No we won’t talk about false illness beliefs from the driver that he has lost something but that professor CBT denies it as he does with everything else…..

The question is pretty simple and straightforward. What happens to the wheel and how many sessions of CBT do you need to predict the right outcome of this video??

a. 12-16
b. 48
c. 93.3
d. 8,5 million

So just watch the video and give ME the right answer professor CBT and everybody else ….

Right, now that was easy wasn’t it?

You would never have guessed the outcome and given ME the right answer, just like professor CBT and his gang never get their diagnosis of ME, or CFS as he wants to call it, right.

If you don’t believe me than watch this space as I will show you something amazing, but it will take some time before it is ready.

Until then, good day and stay away from CBT fanaticos.

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