Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simon Wessely, no not the professor, and why his blog was taken down ...

I have just received a number of emails etc about Dr Simon Wessely and his Blog: Simon Wessely I Know It All, which was clearly about a GP with ME.

I always thougt the UK was a democratic country and Dr Simon Wessely, the GP with ME, just used his freedom of speech. Nothing more and nothing less.

However, his Blog was closed down without any forewarning just to show you what sort of people the CBT gang really are.

And the reason is quite plain and simple. No one is allowed to tell the world that CBT is just an utter waste of time, money and resources for neurological illnesses like ME.

But the CBT gang risk losing MILLIONS of Pounds if the Politicians and the MRC for example find out.

They tell me the picture is "just" ONE MILLION POUNDS, and all EIGHT and a HALF million for ME Research from the MRC has gone where????

Yes, to silly CBT......

Anyway, Simon has now got a new Blog.

A Speedy recovery, Simon and everybody else......

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