Saturday, January 22, 2011

The main core in the computers of copper oxide psychiatry

It was an absolute delight, reading some of the comments on different ME/CFS forums.

Some comments are absolutely brilliant, and even the most knowledgeable person in the universe could learn a thing or two about gagging and all sorts of other things that viruses use to make our lives miserable.

One thing I never get is that if I tell a person with a diagnosis of a broken leg, who claims that putting his two fingers in a socket has cured him of his disease, that his diagnosis was wrong, they suddenly like me very much, especially on days like yesterday, which was bear Hug Day and they squeeze me so hard that my muscles, which are already bursting because of my lingering false messi believes, explode as if operation Desert Storm has just started again.

We all know that those healthy, superfit soldiers who went to the Gulf to fill Mr. Bush his cars with petrol, and then came back as crippled persons, dying at young age from all sorts of delightful things, including Wesleyan syndrome, that they were obviously suddenly after benefits including seeing hostile doctors to brighten up their days even more.

Now we all know that the same thing happens with people with ME or with CFS even though those two things are not completely the same.

Just read Dr. Melvin Ramsey's book, yes I know I'm dispelling his name but my cognitive dysfunction, which is one of the major differences between ME and CFS is just getting in the way.

Both of them are city illnesses, but they are not the same.

A recent survey showed that in 40% of people who are diagnosed with ME the diagnosis is wrong. I would be glad, because in many cases this means that suddenly there is a chance of getting proper treatment.

Now I could continue, and then mention the lightning therapy, which apparently is based on the fact that ME patients are desperate to get well again and so they will try anything, even waiting for the god of lightning to strike, because apparently they can talk to our adrenal glands and tell them you should beheeve you little buggers and then suddenly, all is well.

Even a six-year-old understands that anybody would gets skewered by this process, either had a spontaneous cure or otherwise the diagnose was completely wrong.

Just as it is completely wrong, that these sort of people in the name of comments are putting the most ludicrous claims here there and everywhere and use all sort of foul language against people who were in the right state of ME, to the extent that ME and CFS are both shady somewhere in Bath and near the Thames but they are not the same.

But I guess people who have turned themselves into lightning quick therapists, or others who talk to the mix up in my brain so that the cells up there certainly get so scared of these silly things that they kick the XMRV or whatever viruses is causing this delightful ME chappy to ruin my life, out of my system.

By the time I'm well I will start to practice this, when a patient comes into my surgery and tells me that the antibiotic that I prescribed for his severe infection didn't do anything,

than I will first blame him,
then I will become very hostile
and then I will write to the MRC requesting £5 million so that I can write up a fantastic fairy tale that continuous bullshit telling will be the main course on the menu for doctors.

From now on.

Sorry, it has been the main core in the computers of copper oxide psychiatry for decades.

Have a good day.


Andrea Pring said...

Excellent blog post, Dr. Speedy. We can always count on you for the truth. Are you accepting any new patients? ;)

Dr Speedy said...

Thx Andrea, as it is not the Daily Fail, it has to be ME !!

Are you accepting any new patients? Always, especially porky docs. :)

nmj said...

Your gorgeous & dark jesting tells it how it is, Dr Speedy. Thank you ;)

cinderkeys said...

I wouldn't mind research on eyebrow-raising treatments like the Lightning Process if money were no object (well, and if they started the testing with adults instead of children). After all, that's what science is for. If you think you can make physical symptoms go away by having patients yell at said symptoms, then you have to test my null hypothesis, namely that this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.

But money is an object, and every dollar that goes to this nonsense is one that didn't go to XMRV research.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr Speedy for the smiles and all the useful data..and your 2011 calendar..A. Melvin Ramsay M.D., Hon Consultant Physician
Infectious Diseases Dept., Royal Free Hospital
Ramsay's Definition for M.E.

Dr Speedy said...

Thx. !!


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