Monday, August 8, 2016

8th August: Remembering Reverend John, Annabel, Lynn, Sophia and others who died from very severe ME

8th August Severe #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis Understanding and Remembrance Day

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Artz Studios said...

We all understand that our days on this earth are numbered so you hope you have enough time to map out a plan and go for it. Some get lost along the way, others accomplish what they planned, and some become sick. Of those who become sick they are treatment plans that may help but if not you will be comfortable in your final moments. Some lives are complete through some random act - wrong place & time. Then there are those who become so sick that they can neither live or die. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis falls in that last category. These patients are persecuted for their disease, lied too and about, criminally abused, push around, poked at and the list goes on. We can choose to become advocates with hopes of saving future generations from this life in the shadows. Some stop choosing and stick their heads in the sand because the general public treats them so badly they can't bear the confrontation. Some die by secondary health causes. Some choose to end their own lives rather than continue to live in this ME purgatory. Then there are some who are criminally abused and their attackers are never brought to trial whether it be in the criminal or civil courts. When I first read this story I was shocked to think that a Dr who is legally licensed to heal could so casually dismiss Rev Langdons medical & survival needs & still remain free at large. I would never wish for anyone to develope ME but this "Doctor" pushes my patience.


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