Friday, August 26, 2016

Please Sign this PETITION: ME is not MUPS or SOLK (PACE trial proved ME/CFS is physical)

PACE trial proves ME/CFS is physical; it's not MUPS (Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms) or SOLK  

A quick history:

56000 signatures were collected by very ill patients several years ago (Dutch Patient/Citizen Initiative Recognize ME) to get Parliament to listen. They asked Dutch Health council to write a new advisory report about state of the knowledge about ME. However serious conflicts of interest of the members of the Dutch Health Council (ie Dutch PACE colleagues) are ignored.

There are members on there who think along the lines of the Wessely school of vested interest psychiatry, ie the biopsychosocial model, a hypothesis disproven by 1000s of research articles and by Wessely's PACE trial itself !!

ME is a chronic complex multi-system disease, anyone who claims otherwise has no place in health care. Health care and treatment can no longer be based on people clinging to old paradigms, based on non-evidence based treatments. Lets Raise our voice together as this problem affects ME patients around the world.

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  Thank you for considering and / or signing !

Please remember the outcome of the INDEPENDENT review of the PACE trial, which amongst things showed that the real conclusions of this trial, based on the published results, contrary to the published conclusions, are that: 1. CBT and GET are ineffective to treat people with ME (also known as CFS or ME/CFS) also called a NULL effect; 2. A discovery by the trial which proves yet again that ME/CFS is a physical disease; 3. The disproval of the biopsychosocial model favored by the British (PACE trial) psychiatrists and their Dutch Nijmegen friends.

The full article "The PACE Trial Invalidates the Use of Cognitive Behavioral and Graded Exercise Therapy in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Review" with it's other conclusions can be read here, free of charge.


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