Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fabulous new fiction from the RCGP

Posted by nmj:

Some fabulous new fiction (an intentional mix of reality and fiction) here from the RCGP (Dr Gerada, Wessely's wife is the Chair), attempting once again to reclassify ME as a functional disorder rather than neurological. Did you know that according to the authors of this paper my illness is 'known colloquially in the UK as ME', so when I was diagnosed in 1984 and the consultant neurologist said I was gravely ill with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) - which I'd never heard of - he was using a colloquialism! Really, these spin doctors should get a major literary prize for their fiction.

Some more gems from these new guidelines: ... Read more>>

See also: ME/CFS: Mitochondria, not hypochondria; Professor of Psychology, Rhona Johnston shows that ME/CFS is NOT a psychological condition (on a UK Government website !!!) … a MUST READ

See also: Is ignoring clinical evidence The Way Ahead for the RCGP and Prof Christopher Ward ?

See also: July 2011: RCGP, a.k.a. the Mrs Simon Wessely College tries to reclassify ME/CFS again


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