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World exclusive: Prof Wessely admits in the BMJ that there were no ME/CFS patients in the ME/CFS PACE trial

It is always nice to read a well-balanced article. It's just a shame that the BMJ, since the days that Prof Wessely was their editor, have failed to publish such an article about ME/CFS.

The article by Mr. Nigel Hawkes is no exception to this rule. A two-year-old can tell you that there are always two sides to the coin but unfortunately Mr. Hawkes has never heard of this principle.

It would have been nice when he mentions that someone has compared Prof Wessely to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor, that he would have provided us with a link or another way to check the source, because I've never seen this on the Internet myself. The other thing a proper journalist would then do is ask the question, why would someone compare Prof Wessely to Josef Mengele?

Would it have anything to do with the severely disabled boy, named EAN Proctor, who could not move and was put facedown in a hospital pool by psychiatrists to make him move. When he didn't because he couldn't, he had to be rescued.

Would it have something to do with the nonsense prof Wessely and all the other CBT psychiatrists continue to proclaim about this severely disabling infectious neurological disease?

Would it have something to do with the fact that CBT psychiatrists section people with a severely disabling neurological disease
just because they don't believe the patient and because they don't want to acknowledge the more than 5000 research papers, which show all sorts of physical abnormalities in ME/CFS. By doing so, they disrupt and destroy countless lives. Any doctor who has done casualty or psychiatry can tell you that sectioning a dangerous psychotic patient is usually difficult, why then sectioning someone with a neurological disease is easy beggars belief.

Would it have something to do with the fact that CBT, which is completely useless to put it mildly, is sold to us as a cure, yet many reviews have shown, including the one which was just published in the Journal for psychotherapy, that it is completely useless as patients have been saying for decades.

Would it have something to do with the fact that GET, Graded Exercise Therapy, is torture treatment for ME patients and many of us have had severely relapses and been turned into bedridden patients whose health has been completely destroyed to the point that we are completely dependent on others. And again, many reviews have shown that ME patients are made worse by GET. And we all know that doctors should not use torture on patients but if you are a psychiatrist using torture on ME patients than that is Obviously fine and no problem with any medical regulating authority.

Now, one would think that if a reporter doesn't ask these simple questions, that the editor of the BMJ would tell the reporter to go back to his laptop and answer these questions, otherwise his article will not be published. But as this is the BMJ that asked a psychiatrist for advice on a retrovirus, then obviously this doesn't happen.

The other thing is, as Prof John Coffin has recently stated in a Boston newspaper, many ME patients are seriously disabled. Now I am one of those lucky ones. Let's suppose for a minute that I would like to harass prof Wessely. Now, please remember that severely disabled ME patients like myself are bedridden and totally dependent on others, including writing e-mails or this piece. Now I don't have his e-mail address, but even if I would write him an e-mail and asked him where he bought his glasses or something like that, if he doesn't like it, he would just delete the e-mail.

Now I can try to phone him, even though I don't have his telephone number, but my cognitive dysfunction, and hypersensitivity to noise, mean that I can only make one telephone call a day, lasting only 1 to 2 minutes. And I can tell you there's not a lot you can say in one or two minutes. Apart from the fact that there is no point to phone him, he could obviously put the phone down, but it's apparently easier to say something nice about us in the BMJ than to do this.

Now I am unable to travel in general , because of the severity of this malingering disease, let alone all the way to London so let's say professor Wessely has come to visit me. I could obviously tell him what I think about Pinocchio psychiatry, but I wouldn't because he would start to cry, just like he did on the BBC a few days ago and who would want to see a crying psychiatrist? So, to play it safe, I would compliment him on his hairstyle. But, I realise now that this would constitute a death threat in the minds of Prof Wessely so I would have to come up with something else, wouldn't I ?

Any self-respecting journalist or editor could and should have known this about ME patients, and if they didn't, well, then they should have done some research, even e-mailed me or someone else who is bedridden with severe ME. But as we all know, the CBT psychiatrists and the BMJ, one of the official CBT propaganda magazines, do not want the world and the doctors to find out that ME is a severely disabling, neurological and infectious disease.

There is however a silver lining in this delightful article, which most people haven't noticed, because it's well hidden in between lots of niceness about ME patients.

"As for Professor Wessely, he gave up active research on CFS/ME 10 years ago. He now specialises in the problems of war veterans."

Do you already see the silver lining? I bet you don't. But have a look again, the silver lining is in the "As for Professor Wessely, he gave up active research on CFS/ME 10 years ago."

Now maybe you remember the following ME/CFS research article from the Imperial CBT College, which was written in less time than most people need to eat a sandwich. Please have a close look at the picture below:

And Please have a look at the following picture, which is from the Protocol for the PACE trial from 2007.

Have a look at the title and then scroll all the way down to the Acknowledgements and then this is what you see:

so Prof Wessely was one of the eight centre leaders and heavily involved in this trial. Hmmm ...

So in both the Pace trial and the first so-called negative XMRV study from the CBT brigade, which they said was done on ME/CFS patients, Prof Simon Wessely was heavily involved. The XMRV study is from 2010, and the picture from the Pace trial is from 2007. Yet Prof Wessely has said on numerous occasions and again this time in the BMJ article from Mr. Hawkes that he gave up CFS/ME 10 years ago. I repeat, he said for the umpteenth time, and this time in the BMJ that "he gave up research on CFS/ME 10 years ago."

So basically what he is saying is that both the Pace trial and his XMRV study were not ME/CFS studies at all because he hasn't been doing that sort of research for the last 10 years. This means that there were no ME/CFS patients in the ME/CFS Pace trial, and there were no ME/CFS patients in his ME/CFS XMRV negative study. A major revelation from the top dog of denial CBT-ism. And that in the BMJ. Who would have thought that?


XMRVPositive_UK said...

Good work dr speedy.

Rose said...

Um... don't want to sound like I am picking for the sake of it, I usually leave mistakes of spelling, grammar, etc. alone but this is a biggie that I think you'll want to fix. In the paragraph about not being able to travel you say "because of the severity of this malingering disease" - I'm pretty sure you were aiming at a different word than "maligering" - that is the one that means exaggerating or fabricating illness for secondary gain, e.g. medical insurance payments, sympathy, etc. It's the very thing ME is so often accused of, someone could easily link to this as "ME patients brazenly admit malingering". It's easy to mix your words up when your brain feels like fluff, hopefully you will get a chance to change it.

nmj said...

Hey Rose, I think Dr S is being satirical, sending up the Wessely school.

Ash said...

Pretty sure it was on purpose with tongue planted firmly in cheek & a reference to what the psych lobby try to re-frame M.E. as.

TMHJR said...



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