Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Iraq veterans diagnosed with extremely rare disease that 'shows Gulf War Syndrome exists'

by Mike Hamilton, Sunday Mirror 10/07/2011:

A GROUP of Gulf War veterans has been diagnosed with an extremely rare illness that would normally affect just one man in the entire European population.

The vets have been told they are ­suffering from a “systemic disease” that stops them producing testosterone and affects their glands, brains, hearts and other organs. It also leads to early-onset of osteoporosis.

Prof Stephen Atkin studied 11 vets over two years in Hull. His findings reveal eight are suffering from lymphocytic ­hypophysitis – which usually affects just one in 500million men. His findings also link the illness to the multiple vaccinations soldiers were given against chemical and biological agents in 1990.

Former Army medic Shaun Rusling, 52 – who now has to inject testosterone into his stomach twice a day – said: “This is a dramatic finding which gives physical proof that Gulf War Syndrome exists.”

But the MoD said: “Extensive research has ­indicated there is no one illness ­specific to these veterans.”

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