Monday, July 18, 2011

Post-mortem shows fractured pelvis, yet none of the medical staff believed her pain to be real

By Andy Bloxham,

Mrs Bateman's suffering was worsened by a fall she suffered from a chair designed to assist her in 2007.


She was admitted to Dewsbury and District Hospital in October 2007, complaining of excruciating pain to her feet and legs but, in a statement read to the court, Mr Bateman claimed that "none of the medical staff believed the pain that she was experiencing", instead attributing it to a fibromyalgia flare up.

Mr Bateman said that, after she was discharged, she "continued to suffer excruciating pain. The pain had gotten worse all over her body. She was bed-ridden."

She needed help transferring to and from the bed from her husband and son and "felt dirty all the time" because she was unable to shower.

A post-mortem examination following her death showed that she had suffered a fracture to her pelvis.

The family have raised concerns that this could have occurred after her fall in June 2007 and should have been picked up by medical staff.

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