Sunday, October 31, 2010

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) for ME

By: Maija Haavisto

I am a sufferer of the neurological illness CFS/ME, which in my case has been progressive since I got sick on the 28th of August 2000. I first heard of LDN in 2004, but it took until early 2007 before I was able to obtain a prescription, thanks to the brilliant professor I have as a doctor.

I have been using LDN since March 2007. I could already notice benefits the very next day after I started taking it. My fatigue and muscle weakness are a lot better, I don't "crash" nearly as easily as I used to and the crashes are significantly milder (I used to get bedbound from very mild effort, like stirring a soup!).

My cognitive problems have improved though not as much as my fatigue. My chronic fever and chronic urticaria, both among my most bothersome symptoms are 90-95% gone.

I believe I would be in wheelchair, probably even nursing home, now if it wasn't for LDN. While I'm far from a cure my quality of life is very much improved.

Please, if you think LDN might help you or someone you know, don't pass up this chance. It could change your/their life like it changed mine.


Anonymous said...

LDN made me incredibly ill, it's not a magic answer for all of us.

Exciting new research Dr Speedy - XMRV and co-infections

Dr Speedy said...


Exciting new research - XMRV and co-infections

Anonymous said...

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