Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Prof. Van Der Meer and XMRV

European Society for ME - research & Knowlege:

The Lillestrom Health Clinic has now tested 80 patients and 50 are positive by either culture or serology test – a total of 62%.

This is very close to the 67% of positive patient results reported by Mikovits, Lombardi, et al., in Science in Oct. 2009.

The Norwegian results are also in line with the findings of Dr. Kenny De Meirleir from Brussels, next Saturday principal speaker during the Congress Food & Psyche.

End of August was known that the research team of De Meirleir, together with RED laboratories has managed to find the retrovirus XMRV in ME/CFS patients from across Europe, including the Netherlands.

Against this background the just published interview in the medical magazine MEDnet (1) with Prof. Dr. Jos van der Meer causes surprise only.

The Professor internal medicine of the UMC St. Radboud stands by his opinion, that XMRV occurs in the United States but not in Europe.

The fact that the American researchers did find XMRV in his Dutch patients, smacks... according to Van der Meer still *.....of contamination of their test with virus material....*

Dr. Speedy said:
If it would be caused by contamination then there shouldn't be a difference between ME patients and healthy controls.

But we all know that the CBT brigade stands to lose millions if the world finds out that ME is not only a serious and very disabling disease but also if the world finds out that ME is caused by a virus for which behavioural therapy is obviously the treatment of choice.

And if this virus has found its way into the blood supply system, because of these Pinocchio doctors, well then they should not only pay back those CBT millions, but they should also pay for all the unnecessary suffering etc.

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