Sunday, October 24, 2010

XMRV retrovirus found in 62% of ME patients tested in Norway

The European Society for ME:

Dr. Mette Johnsgaard of The Lillestrom Health Clinic tested 24 patients and 3 healthy controls for XMRV using the culture test and found that 14 were positive.

Of the negative tests, 11 were then retested with serology tests and 5 more positive results were found, bringing the total to 19 of 27. One of the positive serology samples was from a healthy control.

The Lillestrom Health Clinic has now tested 80 patients and 50 are positive by either culture or serology test – a total of 62%. This is very close to the 67% of positive patient results reported by Mikovits, Lombardi, et al., in Science in Oct. 2009.

The tests were done in cooperation with VIPdx labs in the USA.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately its WPI's diagnostic test again until somebody else finds XMRV in PWME it will not be seen as valid. Despite some of the positives having antibody's to XMRV


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