Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seroconversion by XMRV infection

By: Xiaoxing Qiu, Priscilla Swanson, Ka-Cheung Luk, etc.

Three rhesus macaques were infected with XMRV to determine the dynamics of the antibody responses elicited by infection with XMRV. All macaques developed antibodies to XMRV during the second week of infection.

This study provides the first demonstration of seroconversion patterns elicited by XMRV infection. The nature and kinetics of antibody responses to XMRV in primates were fully characterized.

Moreover, key serologic markers useful for detection of XMRV infection were identified.

Three prototype immunoassays were developed to detect XMRV-specific antibodies. These assays demonstrated good sensitivity and specificity; thus, they will facilitate large scale epidemiologic studies of XMRV infection in humans.

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