Saturday, October 2, 2010

Social inclusion of ME sufferers

Michael Briguglio, Times of Malta, 1 October 2010

"According to the World Health Organisation, ME is a neurological condition that leads to certain forms of disability. It has various symptoms such as dizziness, pain, fatigue and cognitive problems.

I happen to know more than one person with ME and I can confirm the hardship it causes.

As a medical expert put it, it is a debilitating neurological condition that leaves patients suffering from multiple disabilities.

ME is now clearly linked with a retrovirus (XMRV) and Malta’s health authorities have already banned blood donations from people with it.

Many people with ME have to stay indoors or in dark places and even in bed for long periods, rendering them incapable of working. Those who suffer from mild ME have big problems in finding employment, especially due to a lack of flexibility and worker-friendly conditions in various places of employment, public and private, irrespective of Malta’s legislation.

It is therefore not surprising that ..."

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