Monday, May 9, 2011

All the following variables were changed by Dr Singh compared to the Lombardi study

Gerwyn said...:

all the following variables were changed by singh compared to the Lombardi study she did not even use the same primers or type of PCR compared to lombardi she did not even isolate RNA

The quantitative reliability of the PCR process is limited by the amplification process itself. Due to its geometric
nature, small differences in any of the control variables will dramatically affect the reaction yield. The variables that
influence the yield of the PCR process include
1. the concentration of the DNA polymerase,
2. the initial concentration of dNTPs,
3. the concentration of MgCl2,
4. initial concentration of the DNA strand,
5. the concentration of primers,
6. the denaturing, annealing, and synthesis temperature,
7. the length and the number of cycles,
8. ramping times,
9. temperature,
10. the presence of contaminating DNA and inhibitors in the sample, and
11. the tube-tube variation.

If anyone really wants to read the background chemistry and physics governing PCR outcomes the link is below!

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