Saturday, May 14, 2011

ME/CFS waddles, quacks and poops like a retrovirus

Angel Mac's CFSAC testimony:

Dr. Coffin has proposed that XMRV is simply a
contaminant from 1992. How does that explain the
epidemics in both Incline Village, Nevada and
Lyndonville, New York eight years earlier, in 1984?

I have tested seropositive for XMRV antibodies. I
have not received a vaccine since the 70s, so was not
infected with a contaminant after 1992. So Dr.
Coffin's theory is a moot point in my case. Honest
scientists cannot refute the data.

Seven cohorts, in seven countries, tested by different
labs, have also tested positive. This is NOT a
contaminant; it’s the third human retrovirus – those
who called CFS “AIDS Light” in the 80s were more
accurate than they knew.......

For the thousands of us, that you REFUSE to name,
we now will name ourselves “XMRV/AIDS 2.0 - Next
Generation”, especially as we now have three
generations, sometimes five people in one family.

Have you SEEN the XMRV Family Tree yet?

The children of XMRV parents get either Autism,
Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, ASD, Atypical MS, chronic
Lyme, and Lymphoma, which my mother died
from. This waddles, quacks and poops like a

Get used to it. We HAVE had it and DO have it!!
WHAT are you going to treat us with? How many
years do we have to have retrovirus antibodies and
multiple co-infections before you will TREAT us?

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