Saturday, May 28, 2011

The CAA and cozy collaborative relationships with the health department

Posted on May 28, 2011 by johnherd:

For well over a decade the CAA has had an all too cozy collaborative relationship with the health department. Instead of being strong advocates for the needs of CFS patients the CAA has mostly taken actions to promote and bolster their own organizational economic interests. They have repeatedly betrayed the patient sector as they have acted as a puppet for the health department, most notably for the CDC. They were given many chances to correct their misguided wanderings yet they never did so. In turn the vast majority of the CFS patient and medical sectors came to the conclusion that they could no longer support the CAA. People do not forget betrayal, nor should they.

From time to time the CAA, PANDORA and a few other groups have deceptively called for unity. Sincere unity formed around common goals and actions is something we’d all wish to see. That’s not what their calls for unity are about though. Those organizations insist on being the directors on the stage of CFS advocacy and are adamant about doing things their way. While they speak of unity they will have little or nothing to do with others who have differing views. Collaboration to them means do it our way or don’t be included. Above all else they wish to quell being held accountable for their actions and behavior so they call for unity. It is a sham. People won’t forget this either.
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