Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr. Hilary Jones, When you say, "ME is controversial", did you check that with Alison, Annabel and Sophia?

Dear Dr. Jones,

When you say, "ME is controversial", did you check that with Alison, Annabel and Sophia?

Now, I'm sure you didn't, because all three died of ME.

Yes you read that right, the official cause of death in all three cases was ME. Australian Alison Hunter died of ME in 1999, Annabel Senior died of ME in the UK in 2003 and Sophia Mirza died of ME in the UK in 2005.

The only controversial thing about that was the atrocious way they were treated by the medical profession.

Did you know that the WHO has classified ME as a neurological illness since 1969?

Did you also know that there have been 50 to 60 worldwide cluster outbreaks of ME since the 1930s?

Did you know that after one of these outbreaks, the putative agent of ME/CFS was transferred to monkeys ?

Did you know that almost 5% of patients in a study of 752 ME/CFS patients developed ME/CFS after a blood transfusion?

Did you know that ME/CFS subjects have a shortened life-span by 24 years and are at risk for developing lymphoma ?

Did you know that there is a Highly increased incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in ME/CFS
or to be more precise, the incidence rate of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is 0.02% in the United States, yet nearly 5% of ME/CFS patients develope the disease?

Any of these points alone should trigger alarm bells in any decent doctor, but all these things put together should be cause for serious concern from the medical establishment/authorities that there is a very disabling infectious disease on the loose.

The fact that all this has been covered up for decades by piles of psychiatric nonsense is sickening.

Don't you think that it is time for someone in your position to do something about it, before this severely disabling infectious illness wrecks havoc in many more lives.


Anonymous said...

UK ME sufferers have been posting on Dr Hilary Jones’s Facebook today (16th May), only to find their informative posts removed and some ME sufferers banned from the Facebook page.

One ME sufferer suggested that Dr Jones might be able to attend the Invest in ME 6th International Conference on the 20th May to hear the International ME experts speak, and would be welcomed. That post was removed from Dr Jones’ Facebook Page

This thread is still ‘live’ though, if you want to contribute.!/DoctorHilaryJones/posts/210702448952306

Me, myself and ME said...

Hi, just posted this blog on the page of Dr.Hilary Jones, and left a thought provoking post. Let's see how long it lasts.
I was quite rude (I hope). thought it only right considering how rude he has been to us.
Had to 'like' the little man's page but quickly 'unliked' it once I had commented.
Fantastic blog:-))

Anonymous said...

Actually, Sophia Mirza died of dehydration because she had limited her fluid intake because she believed she was 'allergic' to water (which is of course impossible). She also believed that she was sensitive to low-level EMF (again, impossible).

So basically it was suicide caused by delusional ideas. Is that the image you want to present of us?

Dr Speedy said...

Actually, Sophia Mirza died of:

"Sophia died from M.E. in November 2005."

"The extensive post mortem showed up no cause of death. We requested an independent neuropathologist to research Sophia's spine. The findings confirmed that it contained massive infection. At the inquest the Coroner confirmed that

"She died as a result of acute renal failure arising from the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)"/ M.E."

Dr Speedy said...

Thx for the compliment Me, myself and ME !!

Anonymous said...

Basically she reduced her fluid intake to 4 fl oz per day and died of renal failure. If you are a GP you should know that drinking 4 fl oz of liquid per day would likely lead to renal failure. I guess the pathologist didn't realise she had deliberately reduced her fluid intake. Still, it doesn't mean that CFS killed her, no matter what people would like to think.

Anonymous said...

I have to say "Anonymous" is right - and the Sophia Mirza case is being used - unwisely I believe - by ME activists. Their motives are good, but that doesn't alter the fact they are misrepresenting the case.

Sophia may have suffered from ME?CFS, but that's not what killed her. She died from acute renal failure due to dehydration. ME is only listed as a contributing factor in her supposed 'inability' to drink.

It may not be popular to say this - but if Sophia's mother had called a doctor or had her put on a drip she would not have died. The mother's reasons may or may not have made sense, but nonetheless it was her decision to do nothing that led to her daughter dying of dehydration.

Anonymous said...

You are both conveniently forgetting she had ganglionitis of the spinal cord found on autopsy. Thus by default she had Neuro inflammation, severe pain and sensory dysfunction. ME describes an inflammatory state which is confirmed with autopsy, as it was with this tragic case. ME and CFS cannot donate blood, umbilical cord or tissue for a reason.


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