Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daisy Miller & ME Awareness Week

Posted by nmj:

What has Daisy Miller by Henry James got to do with ME Awareness Week?

I recently came across the novella on my bookshelves and a sheet of paper dropped out: lecture notes from spring term, 1982 - my last term at uni as a well person. I recognise myself in these notes and it stabs me that when I wrote them I was essentially a different person.

The notes brought back a memory of a letter from my English tutor congratulating me on my 'excellent' finals' paper - I think I'd answered on Daniel Defoe's Roxana. Of course, I was never able to finish my joint Honours French-English degree as I became ill that autumn, my year abroad in France totally disrupted.

I had to come home - though ... Read more>>

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