Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dr. Snydermans response to Dr. Singh's recent findings

Michael Snyderman, MD:

Dear Friends,

I am proud to see so many intelligent, sophisticated and well informed comments from our group. Some CFS patients have been shaken by the Shin et al paper. Not me. I googled the background of all the investigators and they are all qualified in their own areas. They are lab technicians, experts in nerve transmission and of course, a pathologist. The laboratory listed is ARUP Laboratories which as per the official web site does the same assays available through Quest and LabCorp.

Compare Shin et al's backgrounds to Drs. Lombardi, Ruscetti and Mikovits who are elite scientists with specific training and a track record in this area of research. Actually, there is no comparison!

Dr. Singh is a respected research pathologist and I look forward to her continued investigation of various cancers for XMRV. Heaven knows why she switched course and decided to write a paper about CFS and XMRV. The methodologies required are way too sophisticated for anyone to do well without a large knowledge base and experience which her group could not possibly have. What should have been concluded is that they did not find or more honestly, that they could not find evidence of XMRV in the context of CFS. This a lot different than saying that it wasn't there which is not a scientifically correct conclusion for her study.

As someone who has benefited from taking ARVs, I find it ludicrous to be told that I never should have. Agreed that ARVs, at least not the ones that we have may not help everyone, but that is not the point at all.

Keep the faith.
Michael Snyderman, MD

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