Friday, May 6, 2011

Funding for research into the neurological inflammation of people with M.E. is long overdue

Posted on 5 May 2011 by Dr John Greensmith:

Letter in response to ME support, Letters, Sussex Argus, 3 May 2011

Colin Barton’s call for increased funding for research into the abnormal pathology of people with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is both welcome and long overdue (ME support, Letters, Sussex Argus, 3 May 2011).

Your readers may be surprised to learn that, despite evidence of the same neurological inflammation being found in Lynn Gilderdale as fellow M.E. sufferer, Sophia Mirza, also from Sussex, in 2005, such post mortems are rarely conducted, the area concerned not examined unless specifically requested and not a penny piece of public money has been allocated to investigate its occurrence. Nor is there appropriate funding for research into any kind of inflammation in people living with M.E.

Although it should not be left to charities and admitted that some small contributions are better than nothing at all, it might be instructive for them to publish – perhaps illustrated by a pie chart – the percentage of their donations going to promising physiological or genetic research compared with that continuing to support psychological treatments shown to be ineffective, exercise regimes, potentially harmful and unproven alternative or radical offerings, as a fillip for the shift in priority which Colin sensibly calls for and as a good example to others.

Yours sincerely
Dr John H Greensmith
ME Free For

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