Saturday, May 7, 2011

The real 'nonsense' is that no proper replication study has yet been done

Jessjb79 in reply to LJ:

Ok well regardless of your opinion of what you think Lipkin thinks of the Singh study, because, sure, that could be up for debate (and a lame debate at that), he did blatantly state 'Absent an appropriately powered study representing blinded analyses by Mikovitz and Lo/Alter of samples from well characterized subjects using their reagents, protocols and people, all we have is more confusion. '

So..... seems simple to me. Why won't someone just do a proper replication study to take away the absence of said 'powered study' and maybe these 'crazy angry patients' will finally shut up? That is all that is needed and frankly not too much to ask or expect. Is it? The real 'nonsense' is that this has not yet been done - and it has been years since initial study. Explain why we should be satisfied with no true replication studies?

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