Thursday, May 5, 2011

Will patients have to wait much longer for answers?


Why is it so complicated? Why is this disease underfunded? How can you explain documented epidemics in the 1980's, though deemed "hysterical" by epidemiologists at the CDC.

How is it that ME/CFS patients have the same cytokine signature that suggest a chronic viral infection, and low natural killer cell number and function, yet 30 years down the road, we still don't know why?

Why many patients have abnormal RNASE-L ? Why do we have chronic viral infectious like EBV, CMV, HHV-6, parvovirus, Lyme ( this one is not a virus) and enterovirus?

Why researchers stay well away from researching us and why governments only want to fund psychiatric studies like childhood adversity and CFS (CDC)

Why can't dr Mikovits publish her papers in her drawers?

Why is there families, blood or non blood related "catching" ME/CFS? and why is it passed from generation to the other?

And lastly, how long will patients have to wait for answers? And will all of us be willing to wait, isolated in a dark and quiet bedroom? Is that a life?

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