Thursday, October 4, 2007


I just had another look at the BMJ rapid responses, to finally use them on my BLOG. But again something cropped up.

I was reading Tom Kindlon’s last response and amongst other things he wrote about the PACE trial, you know the one where we know the outcome that CBT is best, the only thing that needs doing is writing up the report.

And as I said before, people WITH SEVERE ME are not allowed entrance, because we can’t do their 6 minute walking test. So they don’t want people where it is CLEAR they actually HAVE ME.

I read somewhere that this silly trial was costing either one or one and a half million pounds. Tom however, who is very well informed, wrote that it is costing OVER THREE MILLION POUNDS in taxpayers money.

Now I’m not so good with pounds, so I used a currency converter. It works out that this equates to MORE THAN SEVEN million Australian dollars.

So not only are we wasting money on SILLINESS, it is actually a whole shipload. And remember, all the girls and boys on the leader board of this trial are CBT BLOKEYS. Worse, the TOP DOG was at that MALINGERING conference.

Now you all know, I liked Oxford and Mr Morse, BUT my affection for this beautiful city took a dive when I got ME and discovered that the CBT BLOKEYS had hijacked not only ME but also OXFORD.

However, I have just had some help from Mr Oxford himself and all is fine again. He supplies a NICE and FREE online dictionary and I thought, let me see what they say about malingering. And do you know what it actually means???

“FEIGN illness in order to escape duty or work.”

And those BLOKEYS are conducting this SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR so called trial. Are we NUTS?????

So my brain is feigning problems with for example information processing, my hypersensitivity to noise is not there, the excruciating pains in my legs, that prevent me from walking, are not there etc.

After this NONSENSE I was desperate for some cheering up. Luckily I have started REAL therapy for ME. I am calling it CBT, Cool Blogging Therapy. It is cheap, free actually thanks to Mr Google and his boys. And it actually works.

Instead of being called a liar, a malingerer and other NICENESS, I have received so many great emails etc that I can’t thank you all enough. I also received an email, and I want to share that with you, as I needed the cheering up after the SEVEN MILLION DOLLAR FIASCO. John Martin wrote the following, thanks John.

“Living in London in the Kingdom that is United around the church of CBT I must congratulate you on your homeopathic laughter treatment.

While it is obviously too early to say if this offers a complete cure I'm sure a two day study carried out by a stand up comedian paid handsomely by ourselves would stand a good chance of getting the results we seek.

I personally favour gradual laughter therapy which involves letting patients gradually read longer and longer passages from the biopsychosocial model.

I am not a doctor but feel overexposure to this material at an early stage could damage muscles deconditioned through a fear of avoiding laughter inducing situations.

It's all very complicated doctor but I think you might be on to something. Hope your new practise continues to thrive."

Now I do have a tiny problem with the word homeopathic, however John mailed me the following as well, so who am I to complain:

“Laughter is a powerful but completely safe treatment proved by RCT's (Randomised Controlled Trials) and available at your laughter clinics throughout the Kingdom that is United around the church of CBT.

If I happen to try it and die that wouldn't really be funny but you would bare no responsibility whatsoever.”

Now I think a better way of spending the SEVEN MILLION, would be to use a small amount on buying laptops for people with ME, so they could start my CBT, Cool Blogging Therapy, FREE of Charge, as that is how much Mr Google charges. And use the rest of the SEVEN MILLION for proper research.

Dr Shepherd, the medical advisor of the MEassociation, wrote in his rapid response that 12-16 sessions of silly CBT will cost "well over £1500."

And for that MONEY, you can buy a real NICE laptop, and keep some spare money for a printer, paper, repairs etc. And then you can actually start my CBT, COOL BLOGGING THERAPY. Recommended by NICE.

I have now published more than thirty articles about MY REAL CBT therapy, all different by the way, and I have gathered so much evidence that it works, it is just amazing.

The other thing is, my articles are peer-reviewed, contrary to those written by the CBT BLOKEYS.

But that is just a MINOR DETAIL, I fully agree.


nmj said...

Definitely, Dr Speedy, they should be buying us all laptops, mine is fading so that would be a lovely gesture from the deluded champions of CBT, it's the least they could do to make up for the dangerous misinformation they spread.

Anonymous said...

When I said it cost "over £3m" to the taxpayer, that's actually likely to be on the low side (I like to be able to back up what I say in formal settings).

After you posted it I looked around again: in a piece for the Edinburgh MESH Spring 2004 newsletter, Michael Sharpe said: "The trial will cost nearly four million pounds."

If anyone goes to:
PACE: Randomised controlled trial of adaptive pacing, cognitive behaviour therapy, and graded exercise, as supplements to standardised specialist medical care alone for the chronic fatique syndrome

It gives the cost to the MRC as:
Funding organisation name: Medical Research Council
Funding reference number: GO200434
Funding amount: £2602998

It is unclear whether this includes any or most of the contribution of other funding bodies: the Department of Health, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Scottish Chief Scientist Office.

I'm 99% sure it doesn't include the NHS costs (which are paid for by the taxpayer):

These were listed in a document posted on the internet called the PACE Trial Identifier


"Costs to the NHS: £1,179,909
Costs of therapists: We have approached our NHS providers for these costs. We need 7 WTE therapists in the 6 centres: 2.5 WTE of CBT, 2 WTE physiotherapists, and 2.5 WTE OTs. Considering different costs in and out of London, this amounts to £241,424 p.a. over 4.5 years (including 6 months training), a total of £1,086,359. Service costs amount to £93,550. Total: £1,179,909."

These seem believable enough estimates.

£2602998 + £117909 = £3,720,907

The PACE Trial is so big it has its own website!

Tom Kindlon

Anonymous said...

The FINE Trial , which is a bit like the PACE Trial and is also run by those from the CBT School of Thought, will cost the taxpayer over £1m incl. £824,129 from the Medical Research Council

Then there's around £411,000 in NHS costs
(ref. )

[Just did a search:
"MRC (FINE Wearden, Dowrick et al 2004-8 £1.3M .."]

So add the PACE and FINE together and you're talking in the region of £5m.

Tom Kindlon

Unknown said...

Thx for your comments,
absolutely amazing how much money is being wasted down the CBT drain.
Just give people with ME a laptop would be a lot cheaper/ more effective;
or spend it on real and proper research; might even get us our health back so we can go back to work etc. Wouldn't that be great and a nice goal for the government????

Dr Speedy.

Anonymous said...

The trial is a complete joke really what needs to be done is

1. ME and CFS are not the same this has been proven World Wide but UK refuses it.

2. Doctors here have been give wrong information I was told by 1 doctor who offered me this trial ME isnt really real it's Chronic Fatigue Symdrone this is false information.

3. There are tests to know if someone has ME spect is one of them.

4. Dr Byron Hyde has done many years of real research why are people not listening to him and his collegues.

5. Most information about ME/CFS is by a Simon Wessley who has been casted out by the World medical board for false information this is what the UK uses to train people.

The so called treatments that are offered on this trial are very dangerous to real ME sufferers and previous research done by ME association showed 85% of people get worse.

Anonymous said...

"Most information about ME/CFS is by a Simon Wessley who has been casted out by the World medical board for false information this is what the UK uses to train people."

Can you tell me where this information came from please and its validity/source? We are working on a letter protest and it would make a brilliant addition to it, but we have to source it first etc. (see


Anonymous said...

The authoritative point of view, curiously..


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