Thursday, July 23, 2009

Evidence-based research showing pathology that contra-indicates the use of graded exercise in ME/CFS

Margaret Williams 23rd July 2009

There is an extensive literature from 1956 to date on the significant pathology that has been repeatedly demonstrated in ME/CFS, but not in “CFS/ME” or “chronic fatigue”; this can be accessed on the ME Research UK website at and also at .

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Revday said...

It's frustrating to talk with Doctors that do not understand this. I tell them about the physical activity I used to do, which I loved, and it was considerable and I leave it at that.
But they just keep on saying, "Walk anyway." Usually I'm too tired to argue and too cognitively compromised to remember statistics etc.

Doctors just make me cry. Which of course means I'm just depressed. Oy gevalt!


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