Friday, July 17, 2009

The Professor said no ...


Anonymous said...

Don't shoot weasels either.

Anonymous said...

Yet more flannel?

The 25% ME group for the severely affected have refused to attend this.

Dr Crawley is one of the doctors responsible for the NICE guidelines that offer only psychological 'therapies' to physically ill people. Why did she cite 'schizophrenia and bipolar disorder' as examples - is this further insistence that the neurological illness ME be muddled with psychiatric illnesses?

Given that Peter Spencer's AfME and AYME fully supports the NICE guidelines it is not surprising that, as Dr Crawley says, that CFS/ME charities have a reputation for infighting. The other ME charities (who actually have members, not like AfME who just have associate members who do not have voting rights or AGM's) are fighting for biomedical research and treatment.

Of particular concern to me is the fact that health professionals seem to be taking the Lightning Process seriously as a treatment for ME. It has made the members of my local ME group who have paid 600+ to do it very ill.

We wait still for biomedical research and treatment for our neurological illness to be funded and for a diagnostic test to be developed. I have been waiting over to decades. The Forward ME Group offer me no hope whatever that it will be achieved in my lifetime.



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