Friday, May 1, 2009

Inappropriate slide


Anonymous said...

This is how certain professors of psychiatry talk, Dr Speedy.

Anonymous said...

"Beating the Science Cheats'

one person has made this comment:

"And NS recently published an interview with psychiatrist simon Wesseley, promulgating his highly dangerous notions that WHO CDC-10 G 93.3 (Myalgic Encephalomyleitis) is a somatoform disorder, whose "work" should never have got past peer review because he refuses to distinguish it from chronic fatigue, thus studying a gamut of heterogenous patients, and despite well over 500 comments, including multiple references to a mass of real scientific studies demonstrating it to be the very real organic multi-system disease that it is, robbing thousands of folk of their ability to live their lives, and repeated requests to publish a review of these, or at least to publish an article to balance the original, has still done nothing."


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