Sunday, May 10, 2009

UK patient with ME sectioned for "abnormal illness beliefs"

"Brian Nicholson a young UK patient with POTS a subtype of ME (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) has found himself sectioned under the UK's notorious mental health act.

Though of no danger to society Brian has now joined the ranks of those patients whose human rights are flouted and abused.

Brian is now imprisoned in a secure psychiatric unit because he has ME. The psychiatrists treating him consider this to be "an abnormal illness belief".

To find out more and to support Brian please go to the facebook group:

(this is what happened to Sophie Mirza - she died as a result)"


Anonymous said...

Dr 'Crippen' has had a go at you for posting this:

Petulip said...

Sophia died of herpetic infection of the basal ganglia, not ME.

Anonymous said...

This is the latest news from the Facebook group:

"Brian has had a visit by a group member who I spoke with on the phone. It would appear that Brian has free access to water but there is a question over whether he is being heavily sedated. Charles Shepherd is going to be contacted again."

Criona Wilson said of her daughter Sophie Mirza's treatment (who died of ME as a result of being sectioned) that it was "Medieval Practices in the 21st Century".

Anonymous said...

"Petulip said...
Sophia died of herpetic infection of the basal ganglia, not ME."

Even if that's true I'm presuming that herpetic infection of the basal ganglia isn't a psychological condition either?

Dr Speedy said...

Please note that:
The results of this research was ...“unequivocal inflammatory changes affecting the special nerve cell collections (dorsal root ganglia) that are the gateways (or station) for all sensations going to brain through spinal cord. The changes of dorsal root ganglionitis seen in 75% of Sophia‘s spinal cord were very similar to that seen during active infection by herpes viruses (such as shingles).”

So it was a virus that caused changes similar to Herpes, which means it was NOT a herpes virus.

Anonymous said...

Brian nicholson has been sevtioned.sectionefd sgalm fod registering with a gp in london afgter been released from section in torquay he is in disgusying huntley centre st pancreas waylondon nw1 0pe hev had strokr at xmas and is back in psychp ward with abrain injiry no care plan sofcoum issid again beyond help need some sulport

Anonymous said...

Dear m.e community

I am still being given clozapine fot two years. Im back in acute crisis unit again. I had physical and mental breakdown. I dont know who to turn to.
I wish you can help me. Brian.


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