Friday, May 8, 2009

Royal Society meeting - ME and CFS, hearing the patient's voice, July 11

The Royal Society of Medicine is now taking bookings for the latest in its series of Medicine and ME meetings on "ME and CFS – Hearing the patient's voice" which will be held at 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G OAE on Saturday, July 11. The arrangements have been a joint collaboration with The ME Association, Action for ME, the Association for Young People with ME (AYME), The 25% ME Group for severe sufferers, and the Young ME Sufferers Trust.



Anonymous said...

UK patient with ME sectioned
for "abnormal illness beliefs"

Brian Nicholson a young UK patient with POTS a
subtype of ME (postural orthostatic tachycardia
syndrome) has found himself sectioned under the
UK's notorious mental health act.

Though of no danger to society Brian has now joined
the ranks of those patients whose human rights are
flouted and abused.

Brian is now imprisoned in a secure psychiatric unit
because he has ME. The psychiatrists treating him
consider this to be "an abnormal illness belief".

To find out more and to support Brian please
go to the facebook group:

(this is what happened to Sophie Mirza - she died as a result)

Anonymous said...

Brian nicholson has now been sectioned again august 2011 at haytor unit torquay for hypochondrial beliefs and being deluding no physical disability he has been in hospital for 11Weeks with a rotational stigma me eds111 and severe pots denied access to neurogastroenterogist prof aziz

Brian nicholson said...

Brian nicholsons contact no is 07812731494

Anonymous said...

Brian nicholson has been given depixol for being deluded about his health

Anonymous said...

Brian nicholson suffers from severe ME CFS and needs as much help against the Uk mental act for having ME. BRIAN can hardly stand up the room is spinning so much with rotational stigma or neuro otological injury or vestibular injury brian is being denied access to even Ent surgeon. Brian has fallen and hit his head on a concrete floor no xrays or mri wAs taken by psychiatrists. Brians global drs are prof hyde prof mathias and prof grahame prof aziz also he has seen dr ronald schondorf in montreal. They cannot do anything against the mental health act for Me cfs patients. One secretary has called it absolutely outragious being denied treatment. Brian is writing to the dept of health
Sec of state for health local mp agent sanders medical dr dr liam fox head of MoD
Has been informed. He has even been given instruction from defence intelligence to get to a hospital. Access was denied. He has met local people who have been trying to help him get publicity but he has been told not to go to the newspapers. His insurance company is unum insurance. He has also tested positive for lyme and mycoplasma fermentans incognitus as found in gulf war syndrome. He needs help

Anonymous said...

Brian Nicholson sectioned with ME/CFS at haytor unit torquay august 2011 for having abnormal illness beliefs hypochondrial delusions and no physical health problems as stated in reason 9 of his tribunal hearing would like help from the ME Association, 25 megroup, pots organisations, oneclickgroup for support. hope the niceguidelines get a mention and his case is heard.He is suffering from anxiety and trauma for being in the situation he is in not anxiety as the cause of being bedbound for 8years. He is traumatised by being injected with depoxil 30th august 2011 he has vomited more than 20Times. Solicitors do not want to take the case on as they state they do not have the capacity. This sectioning happened before at the grove centre where his water supply was turned off and he had to survive days on his own urine. He has been lucky his water supply has not been turned off but his sodium is still low due to pots and some of his pots medications being stopped. Thats all that can be stated at the moment.


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