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ex-MRC boss Professor Blakemore works with Simon Wessely for the Science Media Centre and its sibling organisation No Sense about Science

By Sheila:

Here is some information on Professor Blakemore's dealings with ME in the past:

From “Corporate Collusion”,

Professor Hooper et al September 2007, p62

Concern about the uncritical acceptance of the “evidence” for the alleged effectiveness of CBT/GET

News reached the ME/CFS community that Professor Colin Blakemore, CEO of the MRC, regarded all the efforts to halt the PACE trials as “water off a duck’s back”; that he was defending the MRC referees who had approved the PACE trials; that he took the view that “CFS/ME” was not his concern and that he was simply amused by the situation.

The Countess of Mar was so concerned at the damaging and destructive influence of the Wessely School that she requested a meeting with Professor Blakemore. This took place at the House of Lords on 20th April 2004 and lasted for two hours. Earl (Freddie) Howe was also present. Both the Countess of Mar and Earl Howe were seasoned debaters in the House of Lords and both were profoundly disturbed at what occurred at that meeting, the outcome of which was fruitless.

Professor Blakemore was accompanied by Elizabeth Mitchell of the MRC and she did most of the talking. It was apparent that as far as the MRC was concerned, Professor Wessely is greatly revered and what he says about “CFS/ME” will be accepted. It was also apparent that the MRC’s mind had been made up and was firmly closed. There was to be no consideration of the biomedical evidence that proved Wessely et al to be wrong.


Professor Colin Blakemore:

Formerly Professorial Fellow at Magdalen College and Waynflete Professor of Physiology at the University of Oxford, between 2003 – 2007 Professor Blakemore served as Chief Executive of the MRC and is now Professor of Neuroscience at Oxford. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences, amongst many other prestigious institutions, and has received numerous awards. Together with Simon Wessely, Blakemore works with and for the Science Media Centre and with its sibling organisation Sense about Science.

Soon after his appointment to the MRC ... Full ARTICLE.pdf

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