Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stefanie Marsh's love letter to Simon Wessely

Nasim Marie Jafry, author of 'The State of Me': I don't want to give Stefanie Marsh's love letter to Simon Wessely last weekend more oxygen than it has already had, but a week later I'm still angry - and incredulous -at such sycophantic nonsense being published.

There have been some excellent responses which we will no doubt not actually see published - or if we do, they will be edited versions that very much dilute the criticism aimed at both Marsh and Wessely - so I'm highlighting ... Read more>>

See also: Exchange on Twitter between Mrs Simon Wessely and the Health Editor of the Times which shows that the old boy network of ignoring clinical evidence is more important than the lives of thousands of severely disabled people See also: More psycho crap from the Times, this time from David Aaronovitch who can't be bothered to read the biomedical evidence that ME is a severely disabling infectious, neurological disease See also: More psychiatric masturbation in The Times See also: World exclusive: Prof Wessely admits in the BMJ that there were no ME/CFS patients in the ME/CFS PACE trial See also: Cerebrospinal fluid profiles can differentiate between Lyme disease, ME/CFS and healthy controls

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