Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Documentary Film Maker requires help on project about Atos & Benefit reform

Posted by victimsofatoscorruption:
Today I’ve been contacted by a very nice woman who is doing research for a Documentary Film Company, a very well-known film company, they’ve won many awards, this may be just the thing our campaigns need.

Please spread this all around your websites and blogs, emails, newsletters, FB Pages, Twitter, everywhere.

I may lose this blog any day now, losing the website was annoying but that’s the way the cookie crumbles as they say?

Details are set out below. If you contact them please say Paul Smith at ” Atos Register of Shame” put you in their direction.

Thanks everyone, lets keep the fight going, I’m not giving up, I may disappear for a while but I will come back, that you can be assured of.

Dear Paul,

I am a development researcher for an award winningdocumentary film company, Testimony Films (makers of 9/11: Ground Zero, andVeterans: Survivors of World War I) based in Bristol. I am currently developing ideas forthe documentary film strand “First Cut” on Channel 4, whichfeatures bold and provocative films from up and coming directors.

I came across your blog online, and was hoping ... more

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Anonymous said...


I really admire your blog and what your doing, I know a couple of people with ME and they are continually struggling with their doctors to get any decent help.

I have several disabilities which I won't bore you with but your views on CBT really interest me.

One of the conditions I have is Fibromyalgia, I'm in constant agony and some days I cannot move whatsoever, I'm also very tired all the time, my doctors have put me on various painkillers, anti - depressants and wait for it, CBT therapy is supposedly going to start soon, I'm very wary of Physciatrists at any rate but CBT worries me, I am getting the impression they think all my problems are in my mind which I know are not.

I'm wondering what your view is on my predicament, should I go for CBT or stay away from it completely?

Thanks for producing such a great blog...


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